Hello everyone, I am back to continue with second part of my story 2 in 1. Have you tried to guess where I went for a dinner with Daniel? Yes, this is it! It was other raw restaurant in Prague called Rawcha and you can find this amazing place on address: Na Porici 1039/8, Prague 1 or on the map below. Rawcha offers combination of raw food and high quality tea. In that time I had no idea that in Prague could be more raw restaurants so I am very glad that Daniel discovered it and made a reservation for us. That is why I named the story – 2 in 1, because I had a chance to experienced 2 raw restaurants in 1 day. It was wonderful night with gorgeous and healthy dinner. Only what I can say is that I was absolutely impressed.


In first shot I would compare the Rawcha restaurant more like a teahouse than the restaurant. I have this feeling probably because of used furniture, equipment, music and overall atmosphere. Whereas they are focused on raw food they can surprise you with a fantastic tea in the same time. As I am not a big fan of tea or even expert I am not going to comment in details what kind of tea you may taste in Rawcha, but I can say the one which we finally ordered was absolutely great. Based on a varied range of teas and of course raw food you can create very easily menu with several courses.

On the menu were soups, main dishes, salads, desserts, salsa and crackers. What did we order? To be honest it was very hard to choose, but thank the waitress we were not alone to make this decision and I believe we were not her first indecisive customers since they opened the restaurant as well. The problem was that meals looked delicious and we wanted to try almost all what was on the menu. Our imagination worked pretty well I would say, because since we started reading the list we were craving for everything. We asked for recommendation (we love recommendation) what is the most popular meal or what is the best choice which they can offer. Do not be shy or afraid to come with questions, simple ask, ask and ask in order you will be more familiar with whole meal, ingredients or even portions! Especially at the raw restaurants, because raw food is relatively new so they are used to answer your questions and from my own experience they love to educate people about raw food.

But back to the point and let’s see what we got! Finally we went for three-course menu and shared everything to each other in order we could try more things in one shot. We ordered one appetizer, two different main dishes and two different desserts. For appetizer we had three triangle carrot crackers with sesame seeds and raw basil pesto served with fresh, crunchy lettuce. The carrot crackers were absolutely fantastic and of course healthy, gluten free and vegan. I could die for all the raw crackers, wraps, breads and sandwiches, they are so good. It always reminds me usual pastry, which I have not eaten such a long time. Raw basil pesto as add was the right choice and went well with soft cracker and crunchy lettuce. Everything was so fresh!

Appetizer followed the main dishes – Raw Sushi filled with cashews, pecans & sunflower seeds and Raw “Potato“ salad made of apples, carrot, celery, with curcuma and cashew mayonnaise. Yummy!

Raw “Potato“ salad

  • unusual salad
  • salad in a sweet way
  • rich of flavor
  • full of vitamin and fiber
  • light and refreshing

Raw sushi

  • 6 pieces per one portions
  • easy for sharing
  • filling meal (various nuts and seeds)
  • good source of minerals and vitamins
  • the best sushi what I ever ate

Are you ready for dessert? Raw raspberry cheesecake and Raw chocolate muffin with dates caramel filling made our day. Both desserts were more than special and delicious. If I have to decide which was better I would definitely go for chocolate muffin with dates caramel filling. In one word – epic! Raspberry cheesecake was also perfect, but it did not surprise me in the same way as the little muffin did. In first time I paid my attention to Avocado & lime cake with Japanese green tea “Matcha“, actually it was my first choice, but unfortunately the cake was already sold out. Well, another reason to come back right? In order to summarize this experience, overall impression – gorgeous and nutritious. God bless you guys from Rawcha, you rock!

And how Daniel discovered Rawcha? I was told that he just went around one day before and noticed raw restaurant banner on the street, he did not hesitate even for a minute, came in and saw on the bar the book – The School of raw food (Anna Hyzova). Literally it was such a coincidence as the book on the bar was the first one which I read about raw food. There was only one more important decision which he had to make that day – reservation for two people – done. I would say destiny. In one day this book put me on two raw restaurants in Prague. We had an awesome time and thanks to this experience raw food became my new hobby.

Hope you enjoyed my story and next one will be from Vancouver! I am super excited!



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