21: MUSCLE AND WEIGHT GROWTH ON RAW FOOD: – 7 MONTHS PROGRESS – Bioelectrical impedance vs Caliper

It is 14th of November and from 20th of September I did another analysis of my body (as I did in 5 MONTHS PROGRESS) and again by Bioelectrical impedance (2.11.2014). So what is my progress in regards of my goal – to reach till end of this year 2014 weight 65 kg (143 lb) on plant based raw food diet and in the same time do not increase my body fat percentage more than 12%? Good news is, that I gained almost another 1 kg, especially 0,7 kg (1,5 lb), so my weight is now 63,7 kg almost 140 lb. Unfortunately in the same time my body fat % has been increased up to 0,3% – from 12,1 to 12,4%. I know, it is not such a high number and I am not worried about it, but even I am happy about this result I am little bit of worried if I am not gaining fat faster than muscles.

Bioelectrical impedance (BIA) vs Caliper
I came with idea to make a little test. One of my trainers (Marcello Castro – phenomenal Brazilian trainer and bodybuilder) suggested to check out my body fat percentage also with caliper (picture below). Firstly he measured the body fat % on my triceps, than ABS and finally sides (hips). All values he put into the diameter and compared with my weight. According to caliper chard it showed that my body fat % is 11,2. And this is quite different result right? Difference in the same day and time more than 1,2%?! How it is even possible? I was told, that caliper working with an accuracy of 98% and basically if I will measure myself in the morning, afternoon and evening I will get always the same results – but this I can not tell about Bioelectrical impedance. Bioelectrical impedance is really great source how to measure your body fat and unlike caliper works that BIA measure the impedance or resistance to the signal as it travels through the water that is found in muscle and fat. The more muscle a person has, the more water their body can hold. The difference is that analysis can be influenced by value of hydration, skin temperature and other factors. Literally if you will measure yourself 3x per day (morning, afternoon, evening) you can always get little bit different results. So which results is right, which result I should follow? Because the difference is not so huge (like 5-10%) it is not a big deal for me, however next month I will definitely do it again with both machines in order it could be more clear if my body is on the good way or not.

Bioelectrical impedance (BIA)





All trainings are going pretty well. In regards of my strength and power from last time I increased my 1(RM) from 215 lb (97 kg) to 225 lb (102 kg), what is according to my current weight really good result. I feel also more powerful in my high intensive trainings or when I am doing normal pull-ups, pushups or dips. This week my goal is to increase 1(RM) for squats – from 185 lb (83 kg) to 195 (88 kg). We will see, but it will be fun and I will get it :-) In next few days my plan is to share with you guys one of my favorite leg training workout which is in the same time the hardest which I ever had In my life (I do it 1x per month). This workout is inspired by one of the Finnish weight lifters… but be patience and wait for it :-)

You can definitely try one of my training here below:

My current food intake is almost the same as before. Again when I have day of heavy weight training I try to get 4000 kcal (3x per week) and all another days I am ok with 3500 kcal. The most portions of calories I am trying to get from carbs. For example after my leg day training in the morning I go for vegan protein and after 1 hour I eat CHOCOLATE NUGGET PROTEIN MADNESS. My breakfasts are still the same – every morning I go for SUPERFOOD BREAKFAST GREEN SMOOTHIE BOWL. But to be honest I cheat a little bit and my calories intake is not so clear as it suppose to be. I think this can be the reason of my body fat % result. Now I will try to be very strict and really follow these instructions and do my best to keep my food intake in better balance (Protein every day around 95g, carbs 470g and fat 95g, calories 35%%). Heavy weight training day – protein 107g, carbs 530g and fat 107g). To measure right food intake I use application Cron-o-metr.

Some of my favorite meals you can check below:

If you are interested in my results and progress and would you like to know more about it, about trainings, about food intake please check out our blog, because I will be releasing every week something special in this regards!

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