Regardless nutrients are 80% of result you can not be potato on the couch and expect muscle growth, right? Everything should be in balance and if you train hard you should also have your nutrients under control otherwise your body will be starving and all hard work will be useless. On the other hand if you will not support by sport your human growth hormone (HGH) – which is only way how you can stimulate this hormone – your food intake will not bring you the results as well.

As Peter Ragnar mentioned in one of his books – How To Build Muscle on a Raw Food Diet –

“ Only difference between a beautiful, young, fit, athletic body and an aged, frail, and withered-up body is the amount of human growth hormone available. During exercise we release HGH. HGH is also released during sleep and available by supplementation. But, the bottom line is that you need muscle to remain youthful. Growth hormone is said to drop by 14% for each decade of adult life, that’s why exercise is so important to your health, youth, and wellbeing.“

I have last few weeks till end of 2014 and as I mentioned in -12: MUSCLE AND WEIGHT GROWTH ON RAW FOOD: 5 MONTH PROGRESS – I want to have 65kg of my weight and keep body fat % under 12%. Recently I was told by one of our trainer David Gillcash , there were one experiment when athletes trained for 2 months just lower body – squats, deadlifts and so on. Regardless they didn’t train upper body at all, they increased the size of biceps, chest and another parts of the upper body. It is because the lower body exercises are the most important in your training routine and in order testosterone and growth hormone can be released. So you can very easily just by training your lower body improve your upper body as well. So do not underestimate the power of lower body. On top of that if you don’t train your lower body the disbalance is huge fail and common side effect, only in case your goal is not to looks like a half man or be a fan of chicken legs. :-)

leg day
I love challenges and today I would like to share with you one very hard leg training workout (1x per month) which has been showed to me by cross fit trainer Marek Urbanovsky. Training is inspired by one of the best Finish weighlifters – Milko Tokola. It is a brutal squat pyramid (Pig Training) , because once you will be done, only what you wish is to get a wheel chair, eat 15: HIGH PROTEIN RAW MEAL OF THE WEEK: CHOCOLATE NUGGET PROTEIN MADNESS and take a 30 min. nap.

Last time when I measured myself 21: MUSCLE AND WEIGHT GROWTH ON RAW FOOD: 7 MONTH PROGRESS my weight was 63,7 kg, so I still need around 1,5 kg in order I could reach my goal. So stop talking and lets do this ??!!

Warm Up:

Jumping Jack and Walking Lunges – 50x, 40x, 30x, 20x, 10x
Do 50x jumping jacks and 50x walking lunges, then 40x jumping jacks and 40x lunges and than 30x, 20x, 10x the same.

Walking Lunges

Jumping Jacks

Main Exercise:

Squat Pyramid (Pig Training)
The squat pyramid is about 20 sets. Every set you drop down the repetition by 1 so your first set will have 20 repetitions, 2nd set will have 19 repetitions, 3rd set 18 and so forth. In regards of weight you have to choose your own, you have to choose what will be your starting weight and how you will increase the weight every set in order your could do 20 sets. You can increase every set by 2, 5 or 10kg, it is up to you. Do 1 minute break between each set, once you will feel more exhausted do 2 minutes and last 2 sets you can do 3 minutes rest, just do everything what you can to finish this routine. For example Milko starts with 20kg weight and then every set he increase weight by 10kg in order his last set will be 210 kg. His training and video you can find below. It is pure madness, this guy eats kids, he is a monster ! :-)
My last training

leg day
Milko in action, check it out !

As you can see I am not such a beast as Milko so I started with 20kg and then every set I increase the weight by 4,5kg up to 10 set. Then I increased a weight by 2,5kg. 15 set I started to be little bit exhausted so I increased mybreak by 1 minute up to 2 minutes and for last 2,3 sets I took 3 minutes break. It is up to you, just do not be scared or lazy and finish whole extercise !

Calm Down:

After this training, you can just stretch and take a rest :-)

Job done go home :-)

You can also support your recovery and food intake by some of my favorite meals which you can find below:



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