29: SEATTLE: CHACO CANYON ORGANIC CAFE -Fast food neither slow food

Date of the last visit: 10. 9. 2014
Address: 3770 SW Alaska Street, Seattle, WA 98126
My recommendation: Raw Enchilada Plate
Book: Chaco Canon organic café: (available at the restaurant or order online by email: arielle@chacocanyoncafe.com)

This time we were going to Seattle, where we went to pick up family members at the airport. On top of that we made our plan in order to enjoy American city. In other words do what was necessary to do at once. We learned American atmosphere and of course we went to a restaurant for a delicious dinner. Thanks to this experience I can share with you and also recommend you another nice place where to go for a raw food. But this time, in another city and even more in another county.

Regardless the restaurant is not just raw, but is primarily vegan they did not forget on raw food eaters. That’s why I decided to visit the restaurant, even though it’s not just raw restaurant. I am noticing more often that vegan restaurants offer raw meal options and it works in reserve. It seems to be connected in some way. I realized that it is not too bad to also visit a vegan restaurant and try their raw food menu.

As I mentioned before the restaurant is vegan. The menu contains entrees, sandwiches (they are available also gluten-free if you prefer), salads, soups and other meatless dishes. The drinks list contains several different types of beverages. You can choose between fresh juices, smoothies, coffee, tea, beer, wine or special drinks such as kombucha. Also breakfast is served throughout the day. At the time when we were there the menu contained three kinds of raw food:

  • Enchilada Plate

Tomato-flax tortillas filled with herbed cashew cream and spiced veggies. Topped with mango pico de gallo and served with side salad.

  • Sea Goddess Sandwich

Raw sandwich on a buckwheat-flax raw flat bread, sunflower seed paté, marinated onions, cashew cream, sprouts and served with side salad.

  • Ginger Sesame Bowl

Sweet ginger-sesame sauce mixed with shredded zucchini and raw kelp noodles, topped with pumpkin seeds and carrots.

I decided for smoothie Choco-maca and half of sea goddess sandwich. Smoothie Choco-maca was made from banana, raw cacao, raw maca, agave, salt and hemp milk. You can order small or large smoothie. I have ordered a small. The taste of the smoothie was good. Usually I like everything what has cacao powder in it. It reminds me Almost chocolate smoothie from the juice bar The juice truck. I have to say that it still has no competition. (read my previous article 14: The cold-pressed juices and smoothies in Vancouver) What I am going to judge negatively is using agave as a sweetener.

In this paragraph I will try to explain my negative attitude towards the agave. Today agave is popular as a healthy sugar with a low glycemic index. I can not agree with the word healthy. While this sweetener can be found in many raw recipes, energy bars and drinks. It is not a healthy choice! I learned how much agave is bad for me and I cut it out completely of my diet. It’s not the food we find in nature. To obtain a sweet liquid form, it may involve many chemicals and heating processes. Agave contains up to about 90% fructose which is much more than contains (unhealthy) corn syrup, which has a averages about of 55% fructose. Simply it is processed sugar with great marketing, which causes obesity. Most of us usually associated it with fructose in the fruit. Why would be fructose bad for you? We all should receive fructose only from fruit, vegetables, honey and in moderation. In its natural form is fructose available to us in a particular package. It is packed in fiber, which reduces its absorption into the body. And agave is without a fiberat all.

Another dinner course was sandwich. I decided to order half portion, due to the fact that I had smoothie Choco-maca. Low slice of bread was made from buckwheat and flax, stuffed with sunflower seed pate, marinated onions, cashew cream and sprouts. Raw bread was very good. Rather supple consistency, which suit me fine. Two larger triangles of the bread was suitable portion. Marinated onion had the dominant flavor. However, it was everything what was interesting in the sandwich. I could imagine more flavorful and interesting pate. For example you can find perfect raw sandwich in the restaurant Gorilla Food in Vancouver (see article 19: Gorilla FOOD – RAW Restaurants in Vancouver). I would also not mind to get more vegetables, which could make the sandwich richer also visually.

Enchilada Plate
I quietly envied Daniel’s tortillas. It is always like thatJ Fortunately he was so kind and gave me a bit to try. Do you know the situation when someone orders a better meal than you and you regret that you did not order it as well? That was exactly this kind of situation. Sometimes I prefer to order the same thing. It can solve the problem. On the other hand if we want to try as much as possible in any restaurant it is better to order differend measls for sharing . How was the tortilla? Two medium-sized tomato tortillas with flax seeds, stuffed with herbed cashew cream and spiced vegetables were really delicious. Slightly tomato flavor was mixed with spiced vegetables in my mouth and it was very tasty. Herbed cashew cream added soft and velvety taste. And finally sweet mango created an impressive flavor and underlined the exotic dish. Side salad which was served with tortilla was simple, fresh and with a nice dressing.

Overall I would describe the restaurant as a pleasant place for meetings of various kinds. I think it’s a good place to organize presentations, workshops and other events. I have to mention that we were waiting for our meal a long time even though the restaurant was not busy. “Good food takes time.” This is the philosophy of the restaurant. I read later on their website. If you visit Chaco Canyon you should know it. The slow food movement is not about slow service it is about their pledge to not sacrifice quality at the expense of speed. They are not Fast Food, but neither are they Slow Food. It takes just the right amount of time, to get the food as quickly as they can. And it sounds great to me! This place is not Fast Food neither Slow Food. Love it!



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