34: RAW BUNS WITH VANILLA CREAM -speciality of Czech cuisine

When I remember of writing our first raw cookbook I must say it was pretty fun. Even though we haven’t planned anything like that finally was born the idea to write down our favorite recipes together. We wanted to respond those who are often asking us what we exactly eat and also it was great entertainment for us. We still prepare our meals according to raw cookbook but since we have already moved back home to the Czech Republic, we look for local ingredients as much as possible and inventing new recipes. Also after returning to the Czech Republic, we tend to think of traditional Czech meals and try to invent raw variants. Recently we desire for sweet Czech food. What about noodles with poppy seeds, stuffed cottage cheese dumplings, apple pie or even buns with vanilla cream? This time we came up with raw buns with vanilla cream as a sweet lunch and this was the result!

VANILLA CREAM To prepare buns I used:
100 g ground walnuts
60 g shredded coconut
1/8 teaspoon of salt
15 g fine chopped raisins
2 tablespoon of date paste

I grind the walnuts than I mixed with coconut, salt, raisins and date paste. Date paste is made of the same amount of dates and water mixed in a blender and stored in the refrigerator for about one week. Date paste is a liquid consistency so it helps me to combine the dry ingredients together. From the dough I made a flat shape and cut it into cubes-buns. I put buns aside and went for cream preparation.

Vanilla cream:
400 g bananas
40 g grind flax seeds
20 g vanilla protein – Sunwarrior
300 ml water

Put ground flaxseed, bananas and vanilla Sunwarrior protein into a blender, pour water and blend it up. Pour the vanilla cream over buns and sweet lunch is ready. It should be consumed as soon as possible, because bananas begin to oxidize quickly and the cream will change the color into brown- gray. The positive is that it does not change the taste.

The recipe is enough for two servings. Vanilla cream I divided it in half, ¼ buns for me and ¾ for Daniel, who needs a higher caloric intake than me.

Enjoy the sweet lunch, just as well as we enjoyed it too. Czech and nice!



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