Date of visit: 28. 1. 2015
Address: #2 Jalan Gootama, Central Ubud, Bali
Website: http://www.theseedsoflife.net/
My recommendation: Mexican lasagna and pizza

Another great raw food restaurant in Bali you will find in central spiritual city Ubud. Seventh heaven this place! The city is well known for its spiritual power. Yoga studio is almost everywhere around you. Same thing in raw food restaurant Seed of Life it is also connected with yoga studio. Before I came to Ubud it was recommended me to go to Seeds of Life because they make delicious lasagna. Great! It sounds like something I should try. I wanted to go there anyway and the idea of divine lasagna was so excited for me and it also helped me to choose my first meal. Thank you for advice. I must note right now that lasagna was fantastic!

As I mentioned before the restaurant is located in central Ubud in small but quite busy street where many others restaurants are situated. It can happen you will find the restaurant easily without map or navigation, but I prefere to write down correct address with map. I come from my own experience when I look for some place and I want to make it easier for you to find a right way as much as I can. Restaurant Seeds of Life is situated on the address: #2 Jalan Gootama, Central Ubud.


They have almost everything like juices, smoothies, breakfast, main dishes and desserts. It is possible to buy coconut kefir or coconut yogurt which both are every healthy, powerful and great source of probiotics. You can attend workshops, courses of making raw food, Ashtanga yoga or Qi Gong class. Yes, all of it in just one place. Restaurant and tonic bar was opened in March 2014. As you can see according to the list of activities above, I think the owner Ben and Sayuri are energetic people. It is their passion and love for what they are doing.

When I came up first time I did not have to read the menu, because I have already made decision, what I want to order. The best lasagna in whole Ubud or even in whole Bali! To my surprise, I found out, I can choose from two types of lasagna. It was Monday and on the menu was Italian lasagna. Every day is on the menu different main meal. For example on Tuesday you can have Middle East dish, on Wednesday is Korean, Thursday is for Indian cuisine, on Friday is Japanese, on Saturday is Mexican and finally on Sunday you can end it up the week with American burger. I wanted to try American burger so much, but unfortunately we did not go to Ubud on Sunday. I can recommend you to plan your trip to the Seeds of Life along meals in individually days. Of course there is permanent menu and you will find another several main dishes, which you can have and it does not matter on the day.

What I tasted

1. Starter – Bruschetta
As the starter Daniel and I had Bruchettu, which we shared. It was three small, wide slice of garlic bread with Spanish spread which we selected. It was made from fermented nut cheese, spinach, tomato, black olive tapenade. If you do not like this combination you can pick up Italian-tomato, basil, olive oil and garlic. It may be also yummy. Someone could expect main dish and big portion, but be aware! You will be disappointed! The portion is tiny. Good enough for starter. We expected it and we were satisfied with that. The bread consistency reminds me puffed bread with lightly coconut taste more than garlic flavor. Fermented cheese was delicious and creamy like butter and the veggies went well.

2. Warm Mexican lasagna
It was Monday and on the menu was Italian lasagna. Raw Italian lasagna I know very well. I have already had them in many raw restaurants and I make my own raw lasagna at home sometimes. But what I did not taste yet in that time was Mexican lasagna which I found on the permanent menu. The meal composition looked great. First layer was from red beet paté, second layer was from corn tortilla followed by mango salsa, fermented cashew cream, and few slices of avocado and cashew cheese. It was served warm (but still raw, below 42 °C) and with side salad. Seven heaven! Can you imagine the combination of spicy red beet, hot corn tortilla, very sweet mango salsa, a bit sour cashew cream, creamy ripe avocado and cashew cheese in just one bit? Incredibly tasty! Yes, Seeds of Life makes the best lasagna that I have ever eaten.

3. Vege wrap
Vege wrap is on permanent menu. It is zucchini wrap from flax seed, fresh lettuce inside, cucumber, red beet, tomato, red bell pepper and spread from smoked chili pepper. With vege wrap was served raw chips from sweet potatoes and tomato dip. I was looking forward raw chips so much, but finally I was disappointed. The sweet potatoes chips were too wide and dried. It was hard to chew and the taste was more likely starch. I think it could be made better. I have eaten much better raw chips before. Vege wrap was ok, but it was not something special. This meal was not placed as the best for me.

4. Pizza
I am pretty sure that pizza is popular in raw cuisine. Many recipes are on raw food’s website and I am also big fan. In Seed of Life you can have three kind of pizza. I have tried one slice of pizza with fermented cheese, black olive tapenade, dried onion and spinach. The pizza crust is made from zucchini, sprouted seeds and herbs. Delicious! You may have slice of pizza itself or pizza with side salad. What I recommend is to try combination of three kind of pizza and you will have great and rich lunch or dinner.

Let’s say my favorites! Lasagna and pizza are the best which I ever have. I suppose that American burger, which is on the menu every Sunday, would be my favorite too. Unfortunately, I have not time to try it yet. I hope, somebody would have time and let me know how it is!



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