I am getting questions like how to start with raw food or how to switch to raw food quickly and safely on regular basis. That’s why I came with decision to share with you my opinion based on own experience which is added by my point of view created with the passage of time.
Firstly I think, that everybody has different opinion in this regards and I believe there will be plenty of them – as they say “100 people have different taste”. However I am absolutely sure, that despite this fact most of them will say, that jump to raw food right away in 24 hours from conventional catering is not recommended at all. Secondly I would take this life change easy and don’t make a drama from it, because it is not some kind of extreme intervention or even recruitment into the sect :-) Even though sometimes I have a feeling that few individuals present it this way…unfortunately.

Before we move on for everybody who is interested in how me and Andrea moved to raw food and why, you can check out our story here:



As I mentioned above, from my own experience I would highly recommend switching to raw food slowly. Anyway most of us eat raw food like fruits, veggies or nuts on daily basis so what I would do is to just increase the portions of it and decrease the portions of cooked food. Such an unexpected recommendation, right? :-) This is basically very general recommendation for anyone who stopped eating animal products already – like vegetarians. For those who eat animal products like meat, milk or even pasta / pastry the change will be more difficult no just in regards of the habit but also regarding the taste buds. Details of the recommendation for omnivores you can check below.

If you are more interested in regards of meal plans, how to count calories etd…you can check out 2nd part of how to switch to raw food HERE ! 

I know a lot of people who literally don’t eat almost any of vegetable or fruits. For those people switching to raw food must be walk in the hell. In my opinion that they will try to start eating vegetables or more fruits in the near future anyway, but unfortunately after their body will come up with some health disease. Of course I wish them to be healthy as long as possible, however everybody needs own why. For someone the why I shouldn’t start already could be “I am ok and not sick enough to change anything” (this is a opinion of one my family member who is more than 20kg overweight and of course he doesn’t know about it). My why was basically interest and challenge.

Despite I am on raw food now I would emphasize and what I stand for, that anyone who is switching to raw food doesn’t have to jump into 100% of that and shut all the doors. Even you will be eating 80, 60 or just 20% of raw food it will be still ok and better than nothing right? Moreover anyway you will feel better and better so increasing of raw food in your diet is something irreversible. You will feel awesome! With another unusual point of view how to start raw food diet came up my Andrea, you can read HERE.

Those days when me and Andrea were eating almost everything except pastry and pasta (we were on Paleo diet) we just had a days when we were eating just vegetable (in that time it was mostly cooked, steamed or boiled). Slowly we start switching this prepared vegetable to raw vegetable. From one day we moved to 2,3 or 4 days just on vegetable, fruits, seeds and nuts and we start to feel incredible. Another example is that in many cases we just added raw vegetable to our main meal like cooked or grilled meat – 150g of grilled mead and 150g of raw vegetable. And that’s how we did that over few weeks. Just listen to your body and if you will feel great simply continue. My another recommendation is definitely to eat at least same portions like on your previous diet. If you eat a 200g of beef steak with rice for a lunch and you will switch it to 3 apples it is not good choice (but his is an extreme). In regards of meals, food intake and nutrients you can check the 2nd PART where I described switching the meal plans.

Your body will go through some kind of detox (elimination of toxic substances from living organism) so you can expect for example aggravate of your skin, digestive problems or you may experience headache. In case your digestive system will have troubles you can try some steps which I described in my previous article – 35: ARE YOU SURE YOU DIGEST PROPERLY? TREATMENT PLAN FOR RAW EATERS ! – You can also experience what I called “social detox” what could be a change in your worldview :-) So be careful and patience, because everybody consider his type of diet the best, so don’t make a dogma from it. You will probably start getting a lot of strange questions like where do you get your protein, calcium, why you don’t eat pastry or meat and so forth…however be strong as iron man and don’t stop your progress. It is your body and your life right? :-) In my experience in many cases it was almost walk in the hell and test of patience.

On the other hand the detox will come also with some positive changes like improved senses, your taste buds will be more sensitive and every food will taste awesome ! Also in case you liked a mlik chocolate it will become for your too sweet. You will also have much more energy, you will sleep less and better. And this is only a few of all the benefits which came with raw food.

If I should start again and according to my experience I would start with detox (cleansing by juices or by intestinal lavage – Colon Hydrotherapy). Unfortunately this is quite sensitive and taboo topic. Nobody talks about that. Of course I don’t want to have this topic as a main part of the conversation with my friends in the pub :-) I just mean, that there are a lot of people and celebrities which do this kind of internal hygiene but nobody talk about it on public too much. With hindsight I can see this procedure as a TOP necessary in regards to have your functional, clean, ready for detox and raw food life style. As Mikhail Tombak in his book – Can we live 150 years? And Dr. Norman Walker – Become Younger, that almost any disease or imbalance in your body likes (allergies, obesity, indigestion, problems with weight, bad skin, asthma, regeneration or even epilepsy) came from clogged intestines in bad condition and poor diet. This came from diet of flour foods, excessive meat and animal product consumption – eg. more than 1x per week, dairy products and of course junk food like chips, refined, pasteurized or cooked food.

I was considering these detox procedures and was worried that I will lose a lot of weight and it will affect my sport activities and performance. However later on I realized, that only thing I actually could get rid of would be toxins, bad substances…simply junk in my body. So nothing what I should be sad about. Moreover the very fact is that following the cleansing procedures by for example juicing or colon hydrotherapy you will clean your inner body which will help you to digest more properly. In the same time you will be absorbing more nutrients, high quality enzymes and all that good stuffs which will move your body to better regeneration -> you will feel awesome. So let´s get stared and make your body your machine! :-)

1)Start slowely. Even you will move from 0% to 20 or 60% of raw food is awesome!

2)Be patience and iron man to the surroundings. Don’t be discouraged by people which not support you or not understand you. Just be yours, it is your body, your life :-) For someone who was eating pastry (like me), who likes animal product or is visiting family every Sunday for a traditional lunch it will be quite harder to stay focus, but you can make it and your will love the final results of that.

3)Even this topic and method is quite rare and still some taboo, start your life change with detox (juices) or start with colon hydrotherapy.
4)I also recommend some great books which will help you to understand all the points. Mikhail Tombak – Can We Live 150 Years? Dr. Norman Walker: Become Younger.

5)Just be open and flexible, educate yourself, read books which inspired me in 2014 and changed my life – DID I REACH MY GOAL?

In regards of any other questions feel free to contact me for FREE on Raw Emergency HERE ! 

Thank you and be patience for 2nd PART of this topic called – So give yourself a break an eat something proper ! Food Intake issue.

Be Raw…

Rawman – Daniel



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