In the first part HERE I described you very generally how to switch to raw food quickly and safely, but because meal plan and nutrients are very important in your life I decided to take care about this topic separately in this article.
Where do you get your protein? Do you eat enough? Hey, just eat something proper! Anyone who switched from conventional diet stopped eating meat or jump to raw food life style probably experienced such a questions. For those who starting to switch I recommend to watch yourself because it is possible, that these questions will be your routine on daily basis in first few weeks or months :-)
Honestly, do you wonder why your friends or family members ask these questions? Sometimes I don’t. Just wait a minute and think about it. Everybody who eat bread or meat all his life it is something unimaginable and when you suddenly change this life habit they consider this change as a error in your system, right? :-) Additionally when someone lose 5,10 or 15kg you have to expect, that your close people will start asking if there is nothing wrong with that (even you are 10 or 15kg overweight). Obviously you will start asking yourself as well, is this way ok? Unfortunately based on my experience a lot of people think that raw food diet is a way of hunger, that eat less than before is raw food, that if I have for a breakfast 1 banana, 1 leaf of green or 1 tomato, it is raw food. That if I have 4 apples or cashew pie for a dinner I am raw. Well, yes, you are on raw food, but it is really enough for you? “Hm, suppress the hunger – my stomach has to get used to it, right?” you say. But later on they are surprised that after few weeks or even months they become weaker. It even can start with some health problems. The initial dose of energy, euphoria and improved vitality is gone and you start asking yourself, is raw food really healthy? In this way? No. In special cases people share on social networks information that thanks to raw food they are sick. That is the simplest way how to look for source of these problems elsewhere than in themselves.

Remember very well these 2 words – catabolic state – Simply put it is literally a state, when you are losing your weight and muscle mass due to inadequate food intake (especially proteins). The side effect of this statue is also storing a fat. In case your body is hungry the fastest source of energy is your muscles! You think that everything is going right, that you are losing weight (if that is your goal) but in the end of the day you are losing your muscles. The fat % is going higher and your energy or vitality is leaving your body. This statue doesn’t come immediately, but in case you will not realize that your meal plan is not right, it will finally it catch you. Yet it is so easy! Your daily calorie, protein, carbs and fat intake your can check very properly at least by application Cron-o-metr , but we will got more deeply in this.

So in case you are used to eat a big meal for a lunch like (150g of meat, 100g of rice, some vegetable and so forth), 5 eggs for a breakfast or dinner the 4 mandarin oranges for a lunch is really not enough for you. And I am not talking about the nutrients of that (186 kcal, 3g protein, 47g carbs.). Moreover this kind of meals as a lunch or dinner will bored me. Following my own experience people switching to raw food make a lot of mistakes connecting to what they have on the plate. Below you can find one example. Raw food meal plan I got from one of our reader.


In a nutshell – calorie intake was 700 kcal, 10g of protein and 90g of carbs. This example is in my opinion extreme. The reader was complaining about lack of energy and problem with losing the weight. Moreover she was doing a sport 3x per week. Even in this regards she should increase the calorie intake from 250 – 500kcal (depends on her goal – losing weight, gaining muscles or staying lean as she is). Regarding protein intake the minimum for human should be from 0,6 – 0,9 per kg of your weigh.
Wait a minute, I don’t want to criticize anyone, even my beginnings were not perfect right? I did a lot of mistakes as well, but that’s why I share with you those meal plans as a examples and my story, my concerns and experience in order I could help you in your beginnings. Because the results of raw food diet are phenomenal it is worth it :-)

So how it is with the raw food and this switching of meal plans?

For vegetarians
If you switching as a vegetarian to raw food simply just eat what you like but try to eat it raw. Simple, righ? J I am not saying to eat raw rice for example, but try to soak and sprout lentils, chickpeas, buckwheat or even nuts and make your favorite meal from that. Just be creative. Cooked or boiled vegetable change to raw, cheese change to fermented cashew paste and because there are hundreds of great recipes or links in regards of that it can´t be problem for you at all.

For anyone who eats meat, eggs, pastry, pasta and so forth…
In regards of traditional cuisine – baked meat, cooked or boiled vegetables, just combine the cooked food with raw vegetables. In my case I started that I baked meat and instead of boiled rice I had raw vegetable. The ratio was normally 1:1, so 150g of meat and 150of raw vegetable. It can be simply grated carrot, beet or any kind of salad with some topping. Later on just add more vegetable and less meat – that’s it. I am pretty sure that you will feel the difference without any pressure. Just feel your body. Later on we start to getting rid of the animal products through the day at all. For example 1 time per week we didn’t have any meat or animal product, than 2 days, 3, 4 and so forth. Just take it easy, be creative and make it as a game. It should be fun for you. Everybody can eat raw as I don’t know anyone who would cook a banana, melon or not have a slice of bread with tomato and cucumber.

Over the time I eat raw food I figured out, that raw food is extremely diverse. It is literally different world. There are countless of raw materials, ingredients or combinations! Just eat what you like. Only thing what I recommend would be right combination of food in order you will not have some kind of digestive problems. For those who have problems with stomach or digestive system I prepared great article – 35: ARE YOU SURE YOU DIGEST PROPERLY? TREATMENT PLAN FOR RAW EATERS !

And here you have some examples and tips for your menu. Just go through the categories and choose what you like :-)


As you can see in my case the breakfast consisting of the highest amount of carbs., which is great source of energy and kick start in the beginning of the day. I always trying to add to my breakfast some vegetable (for example at least 100g of leafy green into the green smoothie) and also at least 25 -30g of protein. There is no question about that breakfast is one of the most important part of the day. It is recommended to eat up to 30g of protein in first 40 minutes after awake, because basically after fasting all night, your body is going on empty stomach and there is a possibility that it could start drawing on muscle tissue for energy and fuel.

Even Tim Ferris in his book – 4 Hour Body – mentioned, that breakfast is not perfect just for starting the day at a sprint but moreover it can affect quality of your sleep or fat-loss. In regards of the sleep there is written, that if you will have some fruit for breakfast it can help you to wake up earlier with more energy. As you can see breakfast is very important and we should not underestimate it.

It can be anything what I mentioned in the breakfast.

You can get inspired by our eBOOK Rawman Rawoman – Raw in the Kitchen or by recipes below:

For a lunch I recommend to have something easy like smoothie, nut/seeds sauce or soup. Basically anything what will not affect or decrease your energy in regards of digestion. Just simply try few meals and if you will feel tired there after move this meal for a dinner or simply get rid of it from your meal plan. Dinner is a great time to have something bigger or something what is hard to digest like – broccoli, cauliflower or whatever because your body is going to have a rest for next several hours so if your digestion will be slower it doesn’t matter too much.

Often I have something sweet again, but I am trying to change this habit and have something what is not sweet. It can be anything like pates from avocado, nuts, tomato salad or pate with some vegetables, raw hummus from chickpeas or beet and so forth. Even something like handful of nuts or anything what I mentioned in breakfast part. It is just up to you what you prefer.

Anything what I mentioned in lunch section or get inspired in our eBook.

Dinner should consist more percentage of protein than carbs., because your body is going to have a rest for a while and need to regenerate (your muscles, cells …). Moreover did you know that dinner or after dinner snack high in dense carbohydrate would hinder the release of growth hormone (and then muscle growth) if consumed close to bedtime? Thanks to protein and great sleep your body will feel awesome and you will have a lot of energy in the morning. So in case you had a hard day in regards of physical or mental demands don’t be afraid to take high quality raw food dinner rich in protein!


Wait a minute, maybe you would like to have this !

For those, who don’t want to waste their time with finding right recipes and would like to get professional plan(plan for men, women, sport active person) we are going to prepare meal plans. Moreover for those whose need special attention and need something extra we can prepare the professional consultation and meal plans which will fit their special needs.

Check out your daily food intake in regards of macro and micronutrients. Because I was training a lot I was always worried, that be just on raw food (no meat, no eggs) will significantly affect my body and my sport activities. Because I was always skinny person the biggest nightmare for me was, that I will lose a lot of weight. Well, that why I was eating around 20 eggs per week. However I was trying to decrease this amount of eggs step by step and suddenly I was completely 100% raw. If I look back, the only answer why I was doing it this way was lack of knowledge in regards food intake, food nutrients and so forth. That’s why my highest attention is focus on measuring in the beginnings the calorie, protein, carbs., fat, vitamins and minerals intake. The easiest way was to write down everything what I have during the day to this easy application Cron-O-Metr.

As I mentioned before, try to eat at least the same amount of calories per day in order your body will get used to it. You will figure out how much your body need exactly (according to your daily routine, fitness goals and so forth) and stick with it. If I knew that for example 350g of broccoli with avocado and sauce from sunflower seeds with almonds will give me more amount of macronutrients (protein, carbs., fat) and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals) than 150g of meet I would consider this and probably start with different way. Because the raw food cuisine is enormously varied, there absolutely no problem to get every day 3 000 – 3500 Kcal, 90 – 100g of protein or bunch of carbs. (I am 170cm and 65kg). Thanks to this I am living a dream, having awesome results in regards of personal or fitness goals (building muscles on raw food) or regarding vitality as itself.


  • Try to measure your calories, macro or micronutrients in first few weeks or months in order you will be familiar with what your body needs, what kind of nutrients you can find in each kind of food. Thanks to this strategy you will decrease the possibility of catabolic statue or any of the negative side effects of this life change or insufficient food intake. A lot of people will tell you that you don’t need it, you just need to “feel” it. I don’t want to criticize anyone, because everybody has different philosophy which I understand. But with all due respect you can not be sure that your friends are eating properly. This is your life, your body you’re your homework.
  • Try to eat the same amount of food according what you had before raw food, but try to increase the raw fruits and raw vegetable intake.
  • Try to be creative; raw food should be a fun for you. Some kind of game. The breakfast of 2 carrots and cucumber is not fun. (Sorry if somebody likes it this way :-)
  • Go for a medical blood test for vitamins, minerals, cholesterol e.g.. This beginner test you can compare with the test after 6 months, 1 year in order you will be sure that everything is awesome. Than it is up to you if you will continue with that or not, but If I could I would do it. These tests can be made in any kind hospital recommended by your doctor or even I think you can have 1 blood test for fee 1x per year, just ask your doctor. Again a lot of people do not agree with these blood tests, however in this way I prefer to be little more cautious.



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