Date of visit: 2. 3. 2015
Address: Dlouhá 39, Prague, Czech Republic
Website: https://www.facebook.com/myrawcafe?fref=ts
My recommendation: Scrambled eggs

I remember very well the date when I visited new raw restaurant in Prague. Simply because I went with Daniel to the Prague mainly because of we signed up to group Hunters vs Gatherers. This is one of the facebook groups, which was brought together with one student who has been written her dissertation theses and needed to get blood tests from hunters alias paleo eaters, gatherers i.e. raw food eaters and people who does not follow any strict diet. It was great opportunity how to check up if we have enough minerals, vitamin and other staff after one year on raw food diet. At the same time we provided materials for dissertation theses and supported her project which seems to me very interesting. I hope one day I will have a chance to read it.

We were looking forward to see our blood test results. We were sure the blood test will be fain because we have been feeling awesome trough the year. I did not miss anything. We thought about wide discussed B12 . What we are going to do if I have B12 to low? Should we start eating meat again or taking supplement? The truth is I did not want either one of these two options. However the results turned out better than expected. I am happy and confident I have all what I need right now. We are going to show you our results of blood tests after one year on raw food diet in coming article

After blood testing which shall be taken on empty stomach we were hungry so we decided to go for proper raw breakfast. We chose MyRaw Café opened since September 2014 by the owner Mrs. Miroslava Malaníková with her husband Milos Malaník. We decided for MyRaw café thanks to favorable opening hours which are from 9am to 10 pm on weekdays. Café is located on Dlouha Street 39 in the passage Gourmet.


When I saw glazed café from outside I was already thrilled. I like the modern, airy and relaxed atmosphere style in the café where I felt almost like at home. We came in just few minutes after the opening time and it was beautifully everything done for service. Smiling staff greeted us cheerfully and deliciously looking cakes proudly exhibited in glass showcases.

If you are not 100% on raw food diet and you cannot imagine your mornings without a cup of coffee do not worry about it and feel free to come in for a great coffee, that can be prepared several alternate ways but always in a way that has undergone a boil. Coffee can be flavored with nut milk, which already is for a change thermally untreated and is purely plant based. On the drinks menu you will find teas and alcoholic drinks mostly wines. Do you prefer just drinks according raw food diet? You can choose between fresh fruit juice, smoothie, green barley or young coconut water.

In the case you are visiting the café in the morning like Daniel and I did, you have option between sweet or savory breakfast. If you like rather sweet you can decide for buckwheat porridge with granola nut and fruit and you can add some nut milk too, raw pancakes or go for a slice one of deliciously looking cakes! Because my breakfast is sweet based at home (green smoothies full of fruit, vegetables and flaxseed) and I wanted to have savory raw English breakfast or scrambled eggs, without real eggs. Between 11am and 15 pm on weekdays, you can choose lunch from the lunch menu and you will pay for it 165 CZK with a soup. There is also a regular menu, where you can find pizza, tortilla, quiche or even creamy soup.

Raw scrambled eggs
Do not worry! No raw eggs you will find here! The real eggs are replaced with mash avocado. It’s delicious and filling meal! Avocado is mixed with chopped onions, red bell peppers, sun-dried tomatoes and black olives, seasoned with milled brazil nuts and garlic, served with a small piece of raw bread that I would eat with closed eyes so I could not recognize difference between classical sourdough bread and raw, mostly nutty bread. I can only guess the scrambled eggs recipe. I have prepared raw scrambled eggs at home and I may say it’s a great idea and inspiration, which expanded my diet!

Raw English breakfast
This perfect morning breakfast had something of everything. It also included already mentioned scrambled eggs in a smaller portion, raw bread, a mixture of chips from red beet root, zucchini, sweet potatoes and kale. Dried and marinated eggplant supposes to be “bacon”. Nut seeds rollers with brown and red color tasted like sausage. I call this varied breakfast full of flavors. Do not you think?

Other specialty, which are suitable even for breakfast are several kinds of tapas or fermented nut seed cheeses. It should be try by all cheese lovers.

There’s not even a little what you can choose in the MyRaw Café. Just one visit is definitely not enough. We followed the rule that there was no sense to overeat because we certainly will come soon again.

I also appreciate very much the fact that the café uses organic ingredients as much as possible. I think it should be the basis for all raw restaurants. After all, I usually go to raw restaurant because all raw beautiful meals hold their value of enzymes and vitamins due to low temperature processing. Therefore, it must be of the best quality! Because it is in my own interest, I want to get plenty of vitamins and no pesticides! I want to feel like I am eating the best in whole word. Only organic ingredients contain demonstrably more vitamins and minerals and also their flavor and color is deeply improved. That is the tastier and the healthier food what you can get!

Prices may be varied in the course and also the menu. We do not update data from the last written article about visiting raw restaurant on this page. Before your visit please check the information on the website of the restaurant here.



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