CzechRaw restaurants are slowly but surely expanding in the Czech Republic. A large concentration of them is in Prague. The most famous is probably the Secret of raw and their concept of sweet shop Sweet Secret of Raw which appeared first on the market. Others great are RawchaMyRaw CafeRaw for You. Also in cities like Brno, Liberec and Ostrava begin to have more fans of raw food restaurants. Keep reading for more details here.
CanadaIn the Canadian city of Vancouver, I learned many things about the raw food mainly due to the fact that I worked in a raw restaurant. It was a great oportunity in my life, when I tried to produce all raw food recipes and drinks. I worked in only one raw restaurant, but as a guest, I’ve visited more. You can find them here.
USABefore traveling to the US in advance of course, I searched for a restaurant where they serve raw food. I visited the northwestern part of America. I did not find any 100% raw restaurant in Seattle, but a good option vegan restaurant, where it was raw food part of the menu. Keep reading for more details here.
BaliOne month vacation in Bali, I can confirm that it’s really raw food paradise thanks to the wonderful fresh fruit, young coconut and raw food restaurants. Most of them are in Ubud, such as Seeds of LiveAlchemy and Fivelements. In the south Bali you will find Divine Earth, Bali BudaMandala and many others. For  location and more information please go here.