Rawman – Daniel




Hi, my name is Daniel, I am 29 years old and generally I am passionate about my life, sport, healthy life style, personal development and conquer life´s challenges. Basically mentioned life´s challenges are very closely connected to the point, why I switched my diet and started with raw food diet. After I finished my studies I worked couple of years also in international companies where I achieved position in international talent development program for future BSO key senior management located around the world. Despite the position was more than lucrative and ambitious I decided to finish this part of my life and follow my own way. However my taste for travel around the world was still in my hearth! So me and Andrea decided to take a shot and travel to the country of maple leaf – Canada. Especially to Vancouver city which should be according to the quality of life index presented by mercer.com one of the best city in the world. (I am pretty sure that you give me a truth that this index really helped us to make right decision :-), but let me get back to this topic later).


My fitness journey & side effects of common diet


I was born in small Moravian city Holesov the border of Wallachia and Hana in Czech Republic. Probably when I was 15 years old I firstly took one of my biggest life challenges when I decided to leave my born city, all my friends, family members and move to Silesian Opava city for study of High School of Hospitality. By coincidence I would say it was one of my best decisions I ever made in my life. Simply I felt in love with the city and whole region. In the same time I started also with my fitness journey and interest in healthy life style. Unfortunately very soon I found out, that to increase my body mass, gain weight and muscles (what was my main goal) will be really difficult for me. And to be honest, still it is. When I checked the reason why, feedback was very clear – I am ectomorph. It means that my metabolism is very fast and is very hard for me to gain the muscles and store the fat in the same time.


However next 10 years I was working out very hard and thanks to my stubbornness, fitness routine and passion about sport my weight increased up to 72 kg (with height 170cm). Unfortunately in the same time I didn’t checked my body composition so It is very hard to say now how many % of muscles and fat consisted of my body. Only verifiable fact was that I didn’t have a six pack. It means that my fat % was for sure little bit higher than it should be, right? :-) On the other hand I was affected with allergy (since I was a kid I had to take medicine every day. I was told by doctors that it will be to the rest of my life). Later on I started to suffer from irregular digestive problems (who ever included the whey protein into the diet knows what I mean). This problem eventually resulted to suspected inflammation bowel disease. I got another medicine with recommendation to take the pills to the rest of my life. I was told that the chance of recovery is 0 %. I took it as part of life, which fortunately turned out to be completely unnecessary thereafter.


Breaking point – food is a medicine


The breaking point came when I discovered the Paleo Diet thanks to my friends (I must say that it was really hard to skip from my diet all pastry, pasta and another things which don’t resonate withPaleo). But basically I mainly removed gluten from my diet. Suddenly and surprisingly my health rapidly improved. I am pretty sure the Paleo Diet and especially removed gluten influenced that my daily allergies and digestive problems almost disappeared. I felt fantastic ! Thanks to Paleo Diet which was part of my life around 1 year I found out how food can be a medicine and how significant role play in your life.


Raw food and how it all began


Whereas the life goes on, I quit my participation in talent development program, by coincidence Andrea just came from Ireland and began to experiment with raw food. She started with unbaked desserts and fresh raw salads or breakfasts. She started to include fresh raw salad to each of our meal (meat + raw salad etc…). And then it happened. Surprisingly it was another great improvement in our health condition. I was so excited! Food began much easier to digest, I didn’t feel tired or exhausted after lunch anymore and to be honest I was literally ready to go outside and run (what I tried several times). I had much more energy than ever before – and it was just a beginning, right? Another positive effect was in my health problems which tent to improve again. I removed all my pills from daily routine. My body condition was better and better. Once I visited my doctor for inspection in regards of inflammation bowel disease I was told that all the symptoms disappeared so probably I belong to 1% of lucky population in this regards. I say bullshit, I am not a special, I just started to eat much more properly, that’s it, no black magic. When I tried to explain to my doctors that I probably improved my health condition throughPaleo and raw food diet, well nobody listened.

Side effect of raw food diet

On the other hand this change of diet and overall eating habits came also with some negative side effects in my case. Since I switched to Paleo Diet and then to raw food diet including a more active life style (circuit training, running) my weight dropped from 72 kg to about 65 kg. I should also add that I radically reduced the heavy weight resistance trainings. I felt awesome and better than ever before so what I was doing wrong? I didn’t want to end up like a skeleton warrior or it is some kind of tax of raw food diet? Should I go back to gluten or another kind of food poison in order to gain weight again? No way. I had to find solution and answers, I need to know why some people on raw food look underweight, some have skeleton heads and some of them look amazing. What I should do to gain weight again, keep great sporty results, or what do bodybuilders on raw food diet?

Let´s start a blog !

I started to collecting information and surprisingly found out, that about raw food diet in regards of how to gain weight and muscles is quite hard to get some information at all. There are a lot of books, web sites or blogs regarding food, how to looks younger or how to lose weight. But raw food is not just about how to make unbaked cheesecake or how to prepare green smoothie and lose weight! I was looking for something else – how to train, how to gain muscles or improve the body condition for sport. Moreover my close friends and family members believe that it is impossible to do it on raw food. Impossible? Let´s put this statement to the test. I decided to collect information from all different sources (internet, books, interviews), and along with Andrea we decided to start a blog so that we could share all the passion, which we see in the raw diet. We created a blog about the raw food diet from the perspective of men and women…

First results

It´s has been four months since we moved to Canada and started with meatless raw food diet. It is very short period of time but I can see the first significant results regarding how to gain weight, improve strength and overall body condition already. Thanks to my current job position in fitness center I am surrounded also with people interested in fitness life style. I am also supported by personal trainers (especially by Marek who tortures / trains me couple of days per week – but nothing wrong with that), so I believe the next great results will come soon and will be shared with you accordingly. Basically, this is what one of my parts (Rawman – RawmanRawoman.com) will be about. I will share with you all information and try to help you how to improve body condition, gain muscle mass and through a raw diet, which I take as another challenge in my life.