Rawoman – Andrea


I have never thought to become a vegetarian or vegan. It seems to be almost impossible, because my father is professional butcher, therefore a meat was on our daily menu. I must say, that one of the most significant transformation in my diet started in Ireland, where I spent 6 months as an au-pair with Irish family, which ate according to Paleo diet. Thanks to Irish family and after reading the book The Paleo Solution (Robb Wolf), I decided to try Paleo diet as well and I ate like that for few months, until I have found information about raw food.


PictureWhen I came back home to Czech Republic, I couldn’t stop thinking about raw food and my passion to know more information became stronger. Everything kicked off again with a book called The School of raw food (Anna Hýžová). As the saying goes appetite comes with eating so reading another publications bring the same. I kept reading and I also took an action. I experimented with raw food step by step by making varied raw vegan desserts. My boyfriend Daniel and I enjoyed it extremely. I changed my diet little by little and currently it is absolutely normal for me to eat “only” raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and other amazing raw food, which I tasted on my way. I would say I am still finding out something new! Raw cuisine is very different and incredibly varied. It´s always surprised me and this is the reason why I like it so much.

Because we have been planning to travel the world for a long time, to try how it is to live abroad, because of English, meeting new people and their culture, at the end of March 2014 Daniel and I moved from Czech Republic to Canada. We decided to choose beautiful city Vancouver, where we are going to stay for one year. After we arrived to Vancouver, after we were dealing with accommodation and other important things we came up also with question what kind of job we are actually looking for.


  I am really passionate about raw food, so that my dream was to work in a specialized raw food restaurant what could give me a chance to be in touch with people with the same interest, to help me to learn as much information as possible about raw food, to taste all the goodies and finally to do what I really enjoy. My dream became a reality. I work at raw restaurant (especially at the production) and I have the honor to make healthy and incredibly tasty food. I am so excited that I can be surrounded by amazing people who inspire every aspect of my life. Literally my work became a hobby. The proof of this fact is that when I come home after several hours spent at raw food production, I go right away to my kitchen and prepare fresh juices, salads, lasagnas, nuts milk, sweet desserts, smoothies, soak and sprout nuts, seeds, grains, legumes and basically all amazing stuffs. I try new recipes or practice what I already learned at the work. Is not it amazing? I have never had such a work interest and I am very pleased in this regards. Unfortunately this hobby includes doing dishes and cleaning as in any other kitchen, although good news is, that in raw kitchen are not greasy and overcooked pots.



Whereas there are a many different things I am interested in, I would love to create a place, where I can share my raw food journey, all my thoughts, knowledge, experiences and where I can discuss about it with others.  The blog Rawmanrawoman.com with section of women touch (Rawoman – Andrea) seems to be perfect solution for this issue. As I also love to eat in different raw restaurants, bars, cafes, juice and smoothie bars I decided to create a guide (Raw around us) which can helps me to remember the places I visited, meals I ate and basically overall impression of my experience. The more places I visited, the more information I know, the more sense it gives me and of course the more I share with you. It brings me wonderful joy to my life and I believe that it can bring something useful to you as well.